Indigo Child

The term INDIGO CHILDREN was firstly introduced in the book “understanding your life through colour” by Nancy Ann Tappe in 1982 to explain a new and unknown behaviour patterns within the new generation.


Enforced by an indigo blue colour in their aura, the indigo children have a distinct warrior personality and access to clairvoyance and healing abilities. A higher dimensional access combined with the indigo ray soul gifts result in a naturally more intelligent, more sensitive, more creative and supernatural human being.

According to the creators of the term “indigo children”, this phenomenon started around 100 years ago.

Indigo children fight for what they believe in, they stand up against dishonesty, dysfunctional systems and limiting conventions.

The real subsistence of indigo children has never been scientifically proofed, but a huge variety of literature and conferences surrounding the belief in indigo children indicates their state of existence.

The SS 17 collection is BENU BERLIN’s tribute to the new exciting generation of indigo children.


Special Thanks to:


Konstantinos Gkoumpetis – Stylist

Suzana Holtgrave – Photography

Chanie Munn – VIVA Models

Berenice Ammann – Hair and Make-Up

Anouchka Schüngel – Assistence